Going on september : Apocalypse of the Heart

Je commence vite fait en français. Récemment, j’ai surtout pondu un article sur Coin Coin dans ta Face, je vous laisse farfouiller. Vous connaissez la maison et vous êtes grands maintenant. Ma rentrée concerne les anglophones.

Actually ! And in recents projects, i write poems but don’t share a lot (maybe one after this article and for someone special to me). I begin to go less and less on social networks. Just to remind that i’m not dead, even if some people believed it. Because, yes, i had problems of health in this holidays…

But i’m here again and can thank my near friends Hanyo and Patty, and most particular, Ksenia (who accept i tell about her a few, here. You will understand 😉 ). They stayed and listened to me when my brain was in danger.

That’s why my next book of poetry will talk about : Life against death, and about love. But i work also on the translation of my saga in french : Apocalypse of the Heart. First, Ksenia wished a lot to know more about. And english is the only way to understand us. (If one day you have the time to listen the Russian Google translating voice, just do it ^^ She’s really cute).

So Ksenia is important for me and gave me smile, shine and hope after what i had. I decided to please also public who’ld like to know more about this saga. Actually, the first book : « Oniric of the present » is done, and the second : « Numeric of the past » is in work. This will be a trilogy.

I will begin to simply translate the back cover of the first book :

« Erwan looks at ghosts of the past, as his sister in a destroyed Paris. Delphe tries to survive with hearing a voice in her head that will change her fate. Seve, a nurse near blindness, helps a community in a church and will must leave it by love.
Which is the reality of every heroe and who has the truth?

Of course, Ksenia may helps me for a better translation.

What you need to know about this saga (to not spoil the first chapter), is that there is two stories at a different time. Our near future (with our technology but with more AI, neuro-computers in brain etc…) and a non definite future where everything is destroyed. In the first period, some people made cryogenise theirselves to hope a sailing on Mars. What are they became ?

The chapter one begins with Erwan and his sister, Elisa. Along the book, new heroes get appeared. Some things are strange and the knowledge of some heroes gives a lot of questions. And Erwan is not sure about the true reality. He lives in the two periods.

I take a lot of inspiration of Philip K. Dick (that i adore). And there is also a story of love and some funny moments with Elisa.

That’s enough to not spoil 😉

And to finish this words… One of, i hope, a lot of poems for a beautifull russian heart :

Night summer of Ghosts

Half in mind disease,

Half heart breaks, please,

Just keep air in breath.

Flowers to summer at the end of the world,

Brain dance drummer begins songs of wonder.

In night we can see blinded swords.

Cutting on bones of death.

Telling secrets the ghost get.

Why no one hear bells of hate?

Silence is the only rest of peace.

Beautifull smile i miss.

No one may hear cries and tears.

The only things i should know about…

You, half brain, half heart in shot.

And night falling on thoughts.